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The divorce rate has certainly risen in recent years, but this hasn’t slowed the dating scene down one bit.

Now it is not at all uncommon for a single person who has never been married before to date a divorcee, and there may be great reason for this.

Divorcees make great partners for several reasons

In the popular TV sitcom, Modern Family, Jay's wife Gloria demands during an argument, "I am the second wife Jay, why do you treat me like the first?"

Sadly, it is often true that people are better partners to their second spouses because of the lessons they have learned from their marriage to their first spouse.

One reason for this is they already have life experience that has taught them many valuable lessons. These lessons may cause them to become more cautious about relationships in general, but this could work in a single person’s favour.

Divorcees may also be more committed

Perhaps they’ve been burned once and aren’t anxious to let it happen again. They know what makes a good relationship and how much work it takes to keep a marriage together.

Divorcees have shared a life with someone else

This makes them aware of what compromise really means and why it is important.

Divorcees may be more mature because of their experiences

This is relevant for those who are still young enough to not have very many life experiences under their belts. The marriage and divorce will have taught them what it means to be in a committed relationship and they will be well aware of why it didn’t work out.

Since no one wants to go through the same bad experience twice, someone who has been divorced will most likely be more careful before rushing into another marriage, and will take the time and put the effort in to ensure that this relationship works.

Divorcees have also helped run a household

They have either rented or owned homes and have hopefully learned how to manage money. This is a very important aspect of marriage, since money problems are often the source of much dispute in relationships.

Divorcees often wish to take things slow

This can appeal to many who have never been married. This allows for a long, committed relationship, before marriage enters the equation – which means that marriage, when it does happen, will more likely be successful.

Divorcees may also choose to date other divorcees for the reasons listed above. Oftentimes, partners will compare what happened to them during their past marriages and find a lot of common ground. This can make for a close relationship built on trust and honesty. Though the divorce rate is high, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Perhaps more divorcees will find a way to take what they have learned and turn it into something that will truly last forever.

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