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According to Celeste Vlok, here are 12 things men think all women automatically know (and should accept)...

Coming from a female dominant home, the past seven-and-a-half years of being married has been quite an adventure. Also sharing most of my working day in an office filled with men just increased my awareness of how different males and females are.

I realised that men thought females knew a few things, which to the contrary I had to observe and draw conclusions from.

I decided to accept these things for the benefit of a happy marriage and being totally comfortable together, but sometimes I just can’t help to grin.

Doing a survey to check my observations, here are the following twelve things men think women know:

Saturdays are made for sport - but not necessarily taking part in it. Being a supporter in front of the TV for four consecutive rugby matches is totally normal.
Any joke about ‘farting’ is funny
Leaving suspicious ‘break marks’ in their underwear is part of life.
Urinating outside on the grass is much better than doing it the conventional way in a toilet.
When they are totally relaxed in front of the TV the best place for their dominant hand is right on the Crown Jewels
In addition, if it itches it will scratched
‘Undies’ are totally uncomfortable and will only be worn when strictly necessary, like going to work.
When inside the shower, the rock star inside every man awakens. Whether it is Pavarotti or Robbie Wessels, you’re in for a show unless you’re lucky enough to have a sound-proof door which can be closed.
They are all closet ‘Desperate Housewife’ fans but will never admit to it. Should there be an accident on Wisteria Lane or new dodgy residents they share your concern.
They can ‘rev’ anything from a car to the electric toothbrush, the mixer, shaver or lawnmower.
Their whole diet can be prepared on an outside braai.
Men grouped together measure their seniority by the length of their jewels. Not sure yet how they know it, but I suppose it’s their special male sixth sense.

There might be numerous more male only ‘habits’ not included in the list above, but be on high alert as it can surely be entertaining when they’re confronted by your female inquisitiveness.

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