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Cheating is never acceptable, yet many men do it when their partners need them most – during pregnancy. Find out why, and how to avoid it...

There are supposedly many reasons why men cheat on pregnant women. If you are wondering if he is more likely to be unfaithful during this time, this information may shed some light on the subject and come closer to answering this question for you.

There are many reasons why men cheat

Some excuses that men give for cheating on their pregnant partners is that pregnancy can be a turn-off where sex is concerned. While this may attract some men, others are repelled and may go elsewhere to have their needs met.

A common joke in films involving expecting couples is that the man is afraid of hurting or damaging the baby in some way by having sex – this generally makes for entertaining viewing, but it is a concern held by many prospective fathers.

When expecting parents stop having sex

Another reason often cited for men being unfaithful during a pregnancy is that women sometimes lose interest in sex while they are expecting. They may feel unattractive and fat, and simply can’t relax enough to enjoy sex.

While this is never an excuse for a man to go looking for sexual satisfaction outside of the relationship, the lack of intimacy that results from not having sex for months on end can be damaging to a relationship, and it can be avoided.

If you are pregnant and unhappy with your body, and can’t bear the thought of having sex, try another tack. Take intercourse off the table and maybe focus on oral sex when your partner wants to be intimate. You may find it so relaxing and arousing that you actually want to have sex!

Another reason why a man might cheat during pregnancy is that he feels excluded

Some men admit to feeling left out during the pregnancy because they aren’t going through it themselves. Their wives and girlfriends are experiencing something they can’t. Instead, they must only watch and be supportive, and what's more, she's acting differently, even crazily, due to hormones. During this time of frustration some say they have cheated because they weren’t exactly sure how to deal with it.

If you suspect that your partner feels this way, try to include him in the pregnancy. Make sure he can attend your doctor’s appointments and that he is present when you have an ultrasound. Encourage him to talk to your baby through your belly and let him feel when you feel it kicking.

For some men, pregnancy and parenthood signals the end of their freedom

Sadly, for some men, the prospect of becoming a father brings home the realisation that they are grown men now and have responsibilities. A blogger on explains: "It's the ultimate realisation that marriage is a life sentence. Criminals call their life sentences LWOP...short for Life With Out Parole. This is really the point at which you have to decide if you're a man or a boy.

"A boy sees the LWOP, and can't handle it. He starts going out at night more, hanging out with his single friends. He starts off as the wingman ... and ends up hooking up. Before you know it, he's segued into a full blown affair and is thinking about leaving his pregnant wife."

This scenario is often the result of an unplanned pregnancy. It is a horrible and unfortunate truth, but that is what makes it so important to discuss parenthood with your partner and make sure you are both truly on the same page before you start trying for a baby.

That way, when it does happen, your partner will be prepared, and hopefully will react in this way: "A man sees the same situation, and realises that this is what he wanted: to start a family, and to be a good father and husband. He steps up and commits to the marriage, and prepares to shift into the next phase of his life," says the blogger.

"The thing is: it's a lot more fun to be a boy. But it's a lot more rewarding to be a man."

Many men are faithful during their mate’s pregnancy and stay right there through it all to be supportive to get the most out of the experience. In fact, a study has shown that men in committed relationships are actually not likely to cheat because their brains are programmed to find attractive women less appealing than their partners!

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