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It's Bok Friday! With 92 days left to the world cup we all have to start preparing for the return of the TV hog...

It’s 2011 – year of the Rugby World Cup. Which means that every household that has a male in it will experience the sound of crowds cheering on high volumes, many conversations with whoever will listen about ‘Patrick Lambie’, that intercept try, and other foreign events (of which you have no idea) – so how’s a lady to cope with World Cup fever?

Share the fever

It's rugby season! As unappealing as men tackling each other every five minutes is, it’s something most men enjoy as much as we enjoy shopping – maybe even more. So if you can’t beat them, join them.

If rugby or any sport for that matter isn’t your thing but you would like to spend time with your hubby/boyfriend, learn enough about the game to join him – at least some of the time. Nobody, not even he expects you to sit through a whole 80 minutes of watching sweaty, aggressive-looking men.

If this is his passion, he will appreciate that you are trying and who knows, once you know a bit more about the game, you may even enjoy it.

Find the silver lining

You may find that if you spend time at the stadium you will enjoy the intensity and the atmosphere, and if not, you can enjoy being there for other reasons.

You can people watch and enjoy greasy stadium food and even a few drinks. You will be spending some time with each other in the outdoors and after a few drinks you may even be able to convince him to go sing some karaoke.

Another great way to get involved in the season’s festivities is to organise braais with your guy’s friends and their partners so that it can become a social event for both of you.

That way those who have no interest in watching the game can chat to each other and won't be excluded.

But what if you really really can’t like sport? What if all this advice about sharing his passion, enjoying each other’s company and making a social event out of it just doesn’t cut it?

Sport season alternatives

While he is off at the stadium or at home watching the game with his mates, take some time for yourself. If you don’t already have a hobby – start experimenting with different things like sewing, gardening or baking. Or just enjoy some rare time to yourself reading or catching up on your favourite TV shows.

Find something you are passionate about so while you may be doing different things you both know that the other is having a good time.

Or if you are a social butterfly then find other rugby widows-for-the-day and organise some other activity that you’ll enjoy as an alternative to sports screams and stadium chants.

This option is probably sounding good now because as far as I know, most women don’t really take time off for themselves to get pampered or to catch up with friends.

Support his passion

Too often, when we don’t like something our spouses enjoy, we tend to complain. Support and encourage his passion. It’s kind of in a man’s nature to enjoy at least one sport so instead of being known as the nagging partner rather be the ‘cool’ wife or girlfriend who lets her man have total control of the TV remote (at least while the match is on!).

Also let’s not forget that it wouldn’t go down too well if he didn’t support us in our passions. Relationships are about compromise and finding a balance – have the right balance and you will be a happy household.

Don’t get me wrong, ladies, I am not suggesting that you go out of your way to make your man happy and sit through a gruelling 80 minutes of sport, I’m suggesting that we give it a try and you never know you may end up a sports fundi – you could even try your luck at a bet with the guys.

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