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Being your own best friend means you are comfortable in yourself and honest with yourself...

Becoming your own best friend can be very important to your own sense of self-worth. It can make you feel better about yourself and the decisions you make on a daily basis.

While this may sound obvious, it isn’t easy for many people. The tips below will help you as you move through your journey of self-discovery in an effort to become your own best friend.

Get to know yourself well

This will require some honest self-examination, as who better to reveal your secrets to than you? Admit things to yourself you’ve never taken the time to think about before. This will be the first step to this higher level of growth.

Love yourself

If you don’t love who you are, you won’t be able to love anyone else. This goes for partners and friends alike. Think about all your good points and capitalise on them. Remind yourself every day of how wonderful you are and why others should also love you.

Gain a clear understanding of who you truly are and be proud

You work hard to understand others and are proud of them, so why not do the same for yourself? This means confiding in yourself – admitting your deepest, darkest secrets and fears. Once you have admitted them you will be able to cope and move on to other situations that will produce positive outcomes. Remind yourself of how proud you are to be you. Do this on a regular basis and see how much better you will feel in no time.

Always be honest with yourself

If you can’t be honest with you, you won’t be able to be completely truthful with others. This is an important part of building any relationship and the one you have with yourself is no exception. Best friends should always tell each other honestly what they think – if you did something unkind or handled a situation badly, you need to be aware of it so you can do it better next time. Being your own best friend, you should be able to confront these situations with yourself.

Allow yourself to feel good

There are so many things around you to feel good about and the time to begin feeling that way is now. Think of all you have accomplished. Think of all the beauty around you. Take the time to take care of you and others will feel compelled to do the same.

Most of all, just be you

Dr Seuss said, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

No one in the world can be yourself like you can. There is only one you, so make the most of all the time, opportunities and gifts you have been given. The honesty and truthfulness you have gained along the way will make you your own best friend, a friendship that will be forged now and last for life.

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