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Relationships are a big money industry. I wonder how much is spent on dating sites, nights out, speed dating etc. in the pursuit of 'the one'?...

It makes you wonder what people did before the advance of technology, yet the earth is populated, so what they did worked.

Do relationships need to be so difficult?

People are looking but don’t seem to be finding, and what they do find doesn’t seem to last. In this whirlwind world, relationships are becoming disposable, and marriage seems to be going the way of the dodo.

It’s not the principle of relationships that is faulty, nor the institution of marriage. It’s the people doing it. Cars don’t crash themselves. So then the question is how do you find Mr Right, instead of Mr…right now? How can you save yourself from all the unnecessary heartache and a lot of frog kissing?

It’s quite simple.

You get yourself in a relationship

Carl Jung said it this way, “What we perceive is who we are.” At any given moment, you take in via your five senses about 400 billion bits of information. This is way too much information for any brain, even the female brain, to process.

So your unconscious mind, using your own values and beliefs, reduces the information to about 2 000 bits. It gives your conscious mind only the information that is important to you. In essence, you only experience about 1% of what’s out there, and it is the 1% that is most like you.

So you only get to experience the world according to who you are. When it comes to reality, you get you.

You get the guys who will treat you the way you treat yourself

When it comes to relationships, you get the guys who will treat you the way you treat yourself; the ones who are aligned with your wiring.

I know that’s a tough pill to swallow. Think about it for a moment. If you don’t respect yourself, you’re not going to get a guy who respects you. It’s hard to believe until you understand that you will attract behaviour that mirrors your attitudes and beliefs. Here is where the 'quite simple' comes in.

To get the right person, you need to become the person you want to get

Have you noticed that real princesses never get frogs? They get princes. Only frogs get frogs. Sorry ladies. If you want better, be better. You can search and search, you will only ever get yourself back in a relationship.

The work begins with you.

Be warned though, by the metre it’s hard, by the centimetre it’s a cinch. Start small, a minute a day, then five, then ten, until you can do 30. Thirty minutes of stillness a day and your life will be changed forever.

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