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A narcissist is a person who focuses on himself all the time. Everything that takes place is somehow all about him.

He may seem to give in or compromise with you, but he won’t forget those times he did not get his way.

Narcissism is a problem that can have a profound effect on a relationship

When at least one person in a couple is narcissistic, no compromise will take place. Add two to the mix and you really have a problem. Since compromise is the backbone of a lasting relationship, this can cause great difficulties to occur.

They may even come up in later fights long after you have forgotten them. This will cause even more fighting on down the road, all of which will be senseless.

The narcissist will also focus on various physical and emotional traits about himself, making sure attention is always drawn to him. He will be selfish and baulk when you want attention or perhaps even whenever you receive attention from others. This will eventually cause a rift to form between the two of you.

A mate who is narcissistic will not give you the attention you deserve

This includes both physical and emotional aspects. You may wind up feeling deprived in both these areas.

Whenever there is a problem, he will focus on placing all the blame on you

If he is a true narcissist, he won’t accept his own blame. Over time, this will cause you to resent the situation and quite possibly him; after all, it isn’t your fault all the time.

Because your partner is narcissistic, nothing is ever equal

Your wants, needs and desires will be pushed out of the way and you will be forced to focus on his. Even if you choose not to acknowledge them, he’ll continue bringing them into the forefront of the relationship.

Your feelings on any particular topic or situation will also not matter

This can make it very difficult to resolve problems. If he doesn’t recognize there is a problem, he will be completely oblivious to repairing it.

Narcissism will affect every aspect of your relationship

Because your voice will be virtually unheard, you will not be taking part in a happy, healthy relationship. Your narcissistic partner will only be happy if everything is all about him, and you will be unhappy because of the inequality this will cause.

Even small things such as where you go on vacation will be marred by his narcissism and desire to make all the decisions. Should you decide to choose the vacation spot, you will be in for a miserable time of complaining because he didn’t get his way.

True narcissism is a form of mental illness

There is a definite line between selfish and narcissistic, but in a nutshell, selfishness doesn’t necessarily exist all the time while narcissism does.

If you suspect your mate is narcissistic, urge him to seek counselling. This will enable him to get the help he needs to be an equal contributor to a healthy, narcissism-free partnership.

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