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There are some things that men DO know. They have mastered the art of dealing with break-ups and I think it’s high time we women consider their ways.

I have seen many of my male friends handle heartbreak and or break ups like a bad match on the field. They count the score, note how they’ve lost, wipe the sweat of their brow and walk off the field.

They strip themselves of the dirty, grimy gear they wore for that match, leave it in a stinky heap on the floor, take a shower and meet the boys for a beer or two.

They know that, though that was a great match, it is now over and you can never undo the score, all you can do is up your game and get prepared for the next match. It’s that simple.

Why is it that women and men deal with break-ups so differently?

How many times have you had a break-up only to call every single one of your girlfriends, because as you know misery loves company?

Then you go home, because the pain in your heart demands solitude. You get home; you open up a bottle of wine, a tub of ice-cream, a packet of lays and a box of chocolates. You load your CD player with the latest edition of Adele and you get your box of tissues ready for a downpour.

Who taught us that? Who said putting on 10kg in a week will make us feel better about ourselves? Who said listening to miserable heart wrenching songs about a love lost will make us feel better?

What would happen if we did the logical thing in that admittedly painful time?

What would happen if yes, you spent the night crying yourself to sleep, but you set the alarm on for a 05h00 jog? Got dressed in those killer heels you had shoved to the back of your cupboard because your ex was a midget and you didn’t wear them lest he was humiliated?

What would happen if you made yourself look so hot that he may take a minute and wonder if breaking up was such a good idea?

What would happen, if, instead of going home straight after work, you went out for dinner with the first man to ask you out – not to date him, just to have him remind you what a catch you really are? What would happen?

Surely, something way better than what we’ve been doing all these years

I’m not gaining weight after another breakup nor am I singing along to Adele – I’m singing the truth: I got the moves like Jagger by Maroon Five.

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