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WIN! with The Bedroom!
Win with The Bedroom...

The Bedroom is an award winning sensual boutique for women discreetly positioned on the corner of 6th street and 2nd avenue in Parkhurst, Johannesburg.

We offer a refreshingly different boutique experience and will enthral you with unbelievable service, exquisite imported ranges of lingerie as well as our very own home-grown, sexy and very comfy bedroom wear range.

We also stock delectable linen, books, games, erotic pamper products, sensual accessories, humorous novelty items, themed gift bags and top quality adult playthings.

Our product range includes:
550 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Linen
Quality Silk Linen
Lovely Pamper Ranges

Shunga Erotic Art Range featuring flavoured, stimulating massage products, aphrodisiacs, candles and more

The Bedroom Ranges
Wicked Chocolate Sauce
Aromatherapy Massage Oils in Devour, Arouse and Seduce Scents

Bathroom Pamper Range

Adult Playthings

For Her:
Various discreet and upmarket items to titillate eg. Our popular Lelo Range

For Him:
Rings and other toys for him

For Us:
Best-selling We-Vibe ultimate couple’s plaything!
Tantra chair

And many more…
Sexy Bedroomwear, Gorgeous Corsets and lingerie as well as naughty knickers and peek-a-boo outfits.
"art of pleasure"


You can win one of the following prizes from The Bedroom, Parkhurst.

2 x Party vouchers for 10 women valued at R1 200,00 each which consist of a 2-hour browse, including drinks and a gift for each.
1 x Party voucher for 5 women valued at R600,00
2 x The Bedroom Hampers consisting of delectable products, valued at R300,00 each

Every visitor is offered a guided tour by our qualified staff and there is no shortage of advice or information should you be new to this type of shopping experience.

The beautiful boutique is warm, inviting, discreet, upmarket, chic, sensual and comfortable. You can therefore expect a totally sleaze-free experience that titillates all your senses and unleashes your fantasies. Don't be apprehensive about walking in as the staff and the atmosphere will put you at ease, and the boutique itself is laid out in the form of a journey which you can explore at your leisure. Whether you are 18 or 80, you will appreciate what this bold and special boutique has to offer. If you're looking for a fresh, new, fun venue for your next book club or any women's outing or celebration, you can host your event after retail hours. They also offer regular workshops delightfully referred to as playshops.

Do note that this boutique is for women only from Tuesday to Thursday, but we do encourage couples to browse and shop together on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Men are very welcome too by appointment.

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WIN! with The Bedroom!
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