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It’s extraordinary to believe that we plan our careers, train for them, study for them and yet we pay little or no attention to planning for successful relationships...

With the stresses and strains of everyday life how are we supposed to be successful in our relationships too?

It is a privilege to share your life with another person - the love of your life - but sometimes life, living gets in the way of this.

The single most important part of our lives is our relationship with a loved one, but often when we are in one we don’t cherish it and when we aren’t in one we wish we were.

In our culture of instant gratification if we are not getting what we want we move on to the next best thing, but have you considered that the next best thing is exactly the same as the last one because of the vibrations we are sending out, like attracts like and we are back to square one?

Understanding what we are looking for in a relationship is the first step

What we are consciously seeking is not necessarily what were are attracting, as learned behaviours and past significant events both the good and the bad impact on the signals and the vibrations that we are all sending out.

All too often we don’t take into consideration who we are and who our partner really is, inside

We only see what we want to see and project that that we feel inside. We are not who we think we are, but what we think we are.

Taking time to get to know ourselves and our partners, or finding out what type of partner we want can substantially reduce potential heartache.

Knowing whether you or your partner have a masculine or feminine essence can lead to a better understanding of each other and where you are in your relationship.

Knowing the level of your relationship, defining the stressors, understanding the Four Rs; Resistance, Resentment, Rejection and Repression, and the three dimensions of a Relationship, will help you create the relationship and life of your dreams.

Far too often we believe it’s too late to save a relationship with someone we still love deeply, and often the options open to couples are few and far between.

There is always time if it is what you both want. I felt like this in the past, and when going through an extremely difficult time, I realised that the options of help/self-help were limited.

That is why when I married my husband we decided that our priority would be on navigating our relationship and using all the knowledge we acquired to put into place options and solutions for couples, singles and would-be couples to provide the tools to lay the foundation and build a lasting relationship.

You know you have a great relationship when you bring your partner a cup of coffee, and they take a sip and declare ‘this coffee is disgusting,’ that they are talking about the coffee.

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